First, let me say "Thanks for visiting." I was introduced to photography by my best friend, Andy Richards of Saginaw, MI. Andy has been shooting since his teens, has a great eye, and is sound from a technique standpoint. I'll be forever grateful to Andy for sharing his enthusiasm for photography, his patience with all the "dumb" questions, but most of all his friendship.

Here you'll find an assortment of photos from various places around the world and some wildlife thrown in as well. I lean towards landscape photography because of the serenity of early mornings and great sunsets. I've always said, "When the light is right, you can't take a bad photograph."

I've always said I take more pictures of wildlife in a suit than a pair of jeans. Because of work and other time constraints, my wildlife adventures captured here are mostly "caught" rather than planned. There is nothing more thrilling to me than to be in the woods and turn a bend not knowing what may be in store.

Thanks again,